Stop Wasting Everyone Else's Time

Some people seem to develop the belief that free software means entitlement to free support.

It is likely that you were sent here because your questions appear to place you in that category.

Please understand that those of us who help out in forums for free software support have lives, jobs, obligations. You may have been lucky (or UNlucky) enough to have found someone once who took you by the hand and did all your work for you. Don't count on that happening again.

And yes, it might have been unfortunate for you. Those of us who are successful with free software have learned how to read documentation, and how to come up with keywords for a successful Google search.

It's a nice feeling, to be self-sufficient with your computers. Some of us like to help others along the way to self-sufficiency. If you expect hand-holding and personal attention every step of the way, expect to spend some money for it.

The cost of free software is in education. Teach yourself to use it. Then it will always be there to help you with any computing issue you might encounter. That's what I call, "User friendly".